Meeting artisans at Ajrakhpur Kutch Gujarat understanding Ajrakh prints

Meet the Sundarii

Avni Aggarwal, a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, an ardent supporter of minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle, is the lady behind Sundarii Handmade.

An English Hons. Graduate from Delhi university, Avni went on to pursue her Masters in Social Work where she actively worked with a lot of NGOs to get the practical and grassroot experience. Working at NGOs made her realise her true calling, which was to give back to the society and help to uplift and empower people in whatever way possible.

Even when life moved on this idea kept tugging at her, to do something that make a real difference in people lives. Avni had gathered some knowledge of hand block print as a result of her stint with one of the NGOs during her Masters, she researched more about the same and travelled to the interiors of Gujarat and Rajasthan to meet the weavers and artisans in person and learn more about different craft techniques. The plight of these artisans moved her and thus the idea of Sundarii Handmade was conceived. And since the day of it’s inception, Sundarii Handmade has been only giving to it’s community of weavers and craftsmen.

She says that one of her biggest accomplishments till date has been to be able to create awareness about the long forgotten handicrafts especially Ajrakh and also the way they have been able to provide stable mean of livelihood to the craftsmen.

She wishes to make Sundarii Handmade a household name when it comes to sustainable clothing options and never misses an opportunity to speak passionately about the significance of adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

Avni is full of life and the warmth in her smile can turn a stranger into a friend within seconds. All her customers gradually become like an extended family.

On days when she is not troubleshooting or managing 100 things at once she likes to spend time with her daughter.

The best part about her job according to her is connecting with new like minded people everyday and when she puts a smile on their faces with her products, that’s a real win for her.

“I have always felt that we as consumers have the power to either drain or revive our ecosystem, by making wise choices daily, we have no option but to hold ourselves accountable for the state of our planet, if we want to leave a better space for our younger generations we have to start making that difference right away”