Sustainable Fashion…the only trend that’s here to stay….

Fashion and it’s real meaning…

Fashion is no more about hoarding the stuff that’s in trend and ending up with piles of clothes that will be struggling to see the light of the day, after being worn once.These clothes that we buy on an impulse, only  end up adding to the existing and ever increasing trash in the landfills and seriously  harm the eco system.

Real fashion is about using your own unique sense to style one single outfit a 10 different ways, it’s  also about  the confidence to wear one outfit over and over again without fearing or being embarrassed about repetition.

It’s about taking a conscious step to stop encouraging Fast Fashion that’s been heavily impacting the eco-system and life in general and getting a step closer to fashion that’s sustainable, a trend that is healthy for the planet and the future generations.

The 2 trillion $ fashion industry is alone responsible for 10% of the global carbon footprint.

Slow fashion benefits are beyond what our eyes can see

When you choose to go slow with fashion you not only help the environment to restore its balance,  but you also help the families of artisans, craftsmen and weavers to lead a better life, you also  consciously begin to choose quality over quantity.

Once you enter  the realm of sustainable fashion  you  stop running after the short lived fashion trends instead, you start enjoying the longevity that a good quality product gives you.

it’s not an unsteady short term,  non- committed relationship that always ends with a bad breakup but it’s more like a long term commitment of companionship and harmony with your clothes.

Unlike Fast Fashion where you don’t even know where your clothes are coming from, who is making your clothes, every cloth made with the Ethics of sustainable fashion has a story behind it, a story that connects you to the real people working on your clothes, a story that will tug at your emotions and make you bond with your clothes much more than ever.

Choosing sustainable fashion over fast fashion doesn’t mean that you have to discard all your clothes that don’t fall in the ethical fashion category, but you should put all your effort into using those clothes till their last thread and then take a conscious step to avoid purchasing clothes that aren’t sustainable.

Here’s how you can ditch Fast Fashion to join the sustainable fashion army-

  1. Use, reuse, recycle, up-cycle your existing clothes
  2. Transparency from the brand- Ask questions like who made my clothes, is the fabric bio degradable, are the dyes natural, what’s the carbon footprint?
  3. Invest your hard earned money in homegrown ethical fashion brands
  4. Share more and more about the benefits of adopting sustainable fashion amongst family and friends
  5. Educate your young ones about the importance of adopting a sustainable lifestyle and fashion and it’s benefits for our Mother Earth
  6. Don’t just adopt sustainable fashion because your friend is doing it, take that step with full consciousness and awareness, talk to people who have been doing it for a long time
  7. Make a habit of gifting sustainable items to loved ones on their special days and leave a handwritten note with it to encourage them to do the same
  8. Shop less but shop sustainable

Take this step now to see an impact later…let’s be a responsible shopper.

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