Matka silk

Majorly woven  in Bhagalpur which is  also known as the “Silk City”, Matka  silk is sourced from the states of Karnataka and Kashmir while it spinning is done in Malda and Murshidabad, districts of West Bengal.

“Matka” means rough handloom silk, even though it is less expensive compared to its premium counterparts like Mug and Tussar silk, it has the same sheen as that of a premium silk but  feels like linen when touched.

“Bombyx Mori”is the silk worm that produces Matka silk, this worm is fed mulberry leaves, while it is raised in a controlled environment. The thick yarn that this worn spins around itself in the form of a cocoon, by secreting a protein from the top of its head is as shiny as silk but not as smooth and soft.

The thickness of the fabric can be moderated based on the quantity of yarn used while making the fabric.

Matka silk is a very lightweight fabric that can be  used to do different types of embroideries on it, this fabric is also widely preferred by weavers as it gives a lot of scope for complicated patterns and prints. The affordability factor has certainly increased the demand for clothes made out of matka silk.

Do's and Dont's

1. Keep your matka silk clothing away from direct sunlight

2. Use only mild detergent

3. Lukewarm water is preferable for washing this fabric

Pieces made out of Matka silk are a must in every woman’s wardrobe as it’s really easy to style and and can be carried without any fuss throughout the day and don’t we all expect that from our clothes?

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