Linen…the  perfect blend of softness and sturdiness!!

Linen is a strong, sturdy, sustainable and least environmentally damaging fabric made with fibres extracted out of the flax plant. This plant is believed to be cultivated for over 6000 years now.

How it’s made?

The process of obtaining linen fibre is quite a tedious one and takes a lot of time, it starts with the pulling out of the plant and not cutting it,  to ensure that the entire length of the fibre is retained. Post the harvest, these plants are left for the bacteria and fungi to grow on them and also for them to soften up, the presence of bacteria and softening up of the plant helps the fibre to separate from the wooden part that exist in all the plants.

The fibre is then separated collected and stored for another 2-3 months for it to soften up some more. Post this period the softened fibres are treated to remove all the impurities and then are spun into a fabric using a wet and dry technique for smoother  and longer and relatively less smooth and shorter fibres respectively.

Linen..a premium fabric

Linen has now come to be considered a premium fabric due to the painstaking and time intensive process it involves for its production.

Benefits of Linen

  • Stronger than cotton
  • Dries quickly
  • Highly absorbent the skin feels fresh and breeds naturally
  • Hypoallergenic sweat doesn’t wear it out
  • Holds dyes better variety of colour options available in Linen
  • Softens more every time it’s watched
  • Linen, is not very elastic and folds  and wrinkles as a result, this was observed as a defect earlier but not anymore and has been embraced in the informal or even semiformal
  • Ages like a fine wine
  • biodegradable

Tender love and care

Requires ironing if it’s a formal outfit doesn’t need a lot of pampering otherwise.

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