Eri silk

Eri Silk..the peaceful silk

It’s true what they say

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

But it’s also true that

Real beauty comes out of something that runs its natural course, out of something that is not forced but just flows.”

The name of this fabric is derived from an Assamese word “era” which means castor, as the silk worm feeds on castor plants.

Trivia- this silk is also called the “Ahimsa silk” as the fibre is extracted without killing the moth, a favourite of both the vegans and the Buddhists, this material is one of the most durable and sturdy amongst all the ones available.

The journey from the egg to cocoon

Getting an Eri Silk in its final form is a very lengthy and painstaking process that starts from the growth of the worm, which takes around a month. For the worm to start spinning it’s cocoon after reaching an optimum size takes another 15 days and once the moth leaves and flies off, the cocoons are then washed, boiled in a PH balanced solution and dried to start the spinning process

People in Assam still use the ancient technique of using a spindle to spin the cocoons into yarns which are then weaved into a cloth

Trivia- Eri silk is the pride of the people in Meghalaya and is worn by people from all walks of society.

There are only two types of looms that are used for spinning the cocoons into cloth it’s either the floor loom or the flight shuttle loom.

Almost every household has the floor loom in Assam and, it’s also a tradition that before having a baby, every woman has to weave herself an eri silk baby sling.

Use of natural dyes to die the Yarns

Plants are used to create natural dyes which is indeed a slow but gratifying and sustainable process

Why opt for Eri Silk:

  • Cruelty free fabric
  • Washable and wrinkle free

  • Can be worn in winters as well as summers

  • Harmless to the skin

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly

All our work in this industry makes us acknowledge the beauty of nature and the healthy and regenerative eco system that some products follow to come to life. Eri Silk is a perfect example of the same where we can just be amazed by the perfect bliss that comes by just keeping things simple and natural.

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