Galaxy Galore - Organic Kala Cotton Neran Hand Embroidery Blouse


Neran and Pakko hand embroidery is done by the Sodha community in Kutch, Gujarat. The Pakko style uses 'Pako ni aankh' stitch which is later highlighted with mirrors. The stitches of Sodha community are extremely sturdy which are believed to last longer than the fabric it has been stitched on. 

Usual patterns in Neran and Pakko are squares, diamonds and triangles resembling the human eye to ward of evil and bring the good luck.

It's a padded blouse in Organic cotton and the mirrors are painstakingly hand embroidered by Sodha tribal women in Kutch. So, when you buy this beautifully crafted blouse, you help all the people in the entire chain of the manufacturing process. And above all it’s environment friendly and sustainable clothing.

And we know you are admiring this handiwork at this moment. 

Sleeves can be attached on request.

100% handmade with love in Indian villages.

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